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Children with CVS

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Computer Vision Reading Eye Glasses

Computer Vision Symptoms: headaches, tired eyes, burning eyes, watering eyes, itching eyes, dry eyes, double vision, blurred vision, eye fatigue, eye strain, bloodshot eyes, sore eyes, irritated eyes, and eye pain


Children with CVS

Because the eyes of children have great focusing ability, they don’t usually developed the reading problems associated with some adults. Now with the popularity of computers and computer games, children tend to spend much more time on the computer than recommended. This excessive near vision can cause a condition called Computer Vision Syndrome.

This syndrome includes symptoms such as tired, red, itchy, burning and watery eyes. Sometimes the child will get so absorbed in the computer that they will forget to blink, and the eyes become dry. This can make the eyes red, sore and irritated. On occasion blurred vision occurs causing them to squint or they may temporarily see double from eye fatigue resulting in eye strain, back and neck pain and eye stain headaches as well.

Another problem is frequent eye strain from close work. When you are young, this can stimulate the formation of additional nearsightedness at an earlier age than what would be expected. This happens because the body tries to adapt to it’s environment. If we focus up close to the point of causing eyestrain, the eye tries to adapt in a way to lessen the strain . Becoming more nearsighted is one way to lessens this discomfort.

Although children will develop good hand and eye coordination as a result, they don’t have enough time left for sufficient exercises which is so important for proper development during these important growing years.

Eye exercises, computer glasses, and taking frequent breaks from the computer should help lessen the eye fatigue symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome.


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