Choosing computer eye strain glasses specially designed for screen viewing

//Choosing computer eye strain glasses specially designed for screen viewing

Choosing computer eye strain glasses specially designed for screen viewing

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Often when you work at your computer, you may suffer vision difficulties or eyeball soreness. This soreness comes from the task of reading a computer screen. The computer screen projects images in a way that strains your eye muscles as they try to discern the image on the screen. After working at your laptop for a period of time, you can begin to suffer from eye redness, dry eyes, and headaches. Fortunately, your ophthalmologist or optometrist can prescribe special computer reading glasses that will reduce the symptoms of computer eye soreness.

There are many different kinds of glasses designed for computer work. Computer eyewear is designed to reduce the glare of your screen, maximize image contrast, and enhance the images and text on the monitor. Some of the kinds of eyewear that your doctor may offer include:

  • Single vision computer glasses
  • Occupational progressive lenses 
  • Occupational bifocal and trifocal lenses 

Single vision computer glasses

A single vision computer lens allows you to work at a proper distance from your screen without having to strain or read close up. This kind of lens reduces the discomfort that comes from strained viewing such as blurry vision, eye soreness and pain, and headaches.


Occupational progressive lenses/ bifocal and trifocal lenses 

Occupational progressive lenses are usually multifocal lenses with several transitions zones that allow for close, intermediate, and long distance vision. Because your work tends to be closer to you, these kinds of readers have a large intermediate and near areas to maximize your comfort and ease reading. Your optometrist can customize the size of each zone or area. Most ophthalmologist recommend that you do not drive using these glasses because of their nearsighted properties.   

Other special features included in glasses for computer work          Eye glass manufacturers can add additional features to your computer eyewear such as tints, anti-reflective coating, and scratch resistant technology. You can ask your local optometrist about customizing your choices.

Computer eye glasses with anti-reflective coating         Computer eyeglasses and gaming eyeglasses processed with anti-reflective coating block the bright glare that comes from your laptop screen. They allow your eyes to focus properly on your work. Some companies such as Gunnar and VC Eyewear manufacture glasses that provide reflective protection specially designed for extended periods of computer usage. With usage of anti-reflective coating, it is important to research your products to ensure that your eyewear is made with this special coating that lasts a long time without chipping. Some companies make their coatings by dipping the lenses in the AR coating solution. This leads to chipping and cracks later that cause difficulty reading your screen. Other lenses have the AR coating chemically ionized into the lens which creates a longer lasting product.  

Scratch resistant design             Another feature of anti-reflective glasses for computer work is the scratch resistant material that coats the lenses. The chemical properties keep the lenses from gathering unwanted dust, small scratches from daily usage, and fingerprints. You do not have to worry about handling your eyewear with extra care with this option. The design reduces the time necessitated for cleaning and washing.

Colored tints       Your eyewear designed for screen viewing can be produced with specially designed color tints that offer enhanced contrast to your monitor as you work. By reducing the distracting light from other sources on your computer, you can easily focus on target objects. This will reduce eye strain and headache as you struggle to read. The eyewear tint usually comes in yellow but are created with blue tints. Gunnar and VC Eyewear offer glasses with both tint options.

Blue lens option       The blue wavelength emitted by your device’s screen is particularly damaging to your retinas and eyes. This frequency penetrates to the back of the eyeball harming the sensitive retinas and can lead to vision disorders such as cataracts. The blue lenses found on some computer lenses filter the harmful blue light emitted by your device. Apart from straining your eyes when you try and focus, this light can upset the balance of your sleep wake cycles, so that you cannot fall asleep after working on your desktop. Many people complain that they cannot rest easily after working at night. By reducing the blue light intensity, your sleep schedule remains undisturbed.

To find the options that best suit your lifestyle You should consult with your optometrist or ophthalmologist about what brands and features would provide the greatest amount of comfort and best filter your desktop’s light and increase contract. There are many brands to choose from, but not all are created equally. Only a skilled practitioner can discern the differences and assist you in making your choices.    


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