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Eye Strain Headaches

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Eye Strain Headaches

There are several types of headaches, some common and some complex, resulting in many types of treatments; but for those working specificially with computers may experience a computer eye strain headache. An Eye strain headache is a common type of tension headache.

Tension headaches are by far the most common type of headache. Estimates are that from 70 to 90% of all headaches are tension headaches resulting from muscle spasms in the neck and skull. Common causes like eye strain, muscle fatigue, poor posture, overwork, and stress can bring them on. Anything that can help the body to relax can help relieve the pain such as rest, massage, especially to the skull, neck and shoulders, and exercise. We have developed headache relief exercises for the eyes, using a device specifically designed for the relief from a tension headaches that occur when doing near work such as reading and using the computer.

If you still get headaches after using the eye exercises for a few weeks, the cause may be from one of the following:

  1. Hormonal headaches that revolve around the menstrual cycle. Since homones induce the pain response, mens headaches can be prompted by hormones as well.

  2. Vascular headaches such as migraines afflict up to 29.5 million people. Women get 3 times as many migraines than men so hormones may be involved here as well. It is probably tension that causes a constriction of the blood vessel in the brain that produces the visual effect or aura. Shortly thereafter it is replaced with a very severe headache as the involved blood vessel overly dilates to provide increase blood flow to the affected area. Some get physically sick from the severe pain, which is why they have been called sick headaches. There is most likely a genetic component since 4 out of 5 afflicted report family members also get them.

  3. Cluster headaches have been described as the most painful of all headaches. They last around 1/2 hour but may reoccur multiple times during the day. Around 5 times as many men as women suffer this type of pain. Fortunately less than 1% of the population get them.

  4. Sinus headaches occur when the sinuses get inflammed either from an allergy, an infection or a growth.

  5. Organic headaches result in less than 5 % of the cases and are caused from an abnormality in the brain or skull such as a tumor, infection, hemorrhage, aneurysm, hematoma, meningitis, brain abcess or encephallitis.

Remember a headache while at the computer is usually a tension type headache so anything that will help the eye muscles to relax should bring significant relief to an eye strain headache.


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