Reading Eye Chart

//Reading Eye Chart

Reading Eye Chart

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Computer Vision Reading Eye Glasses

Computer Vision Symptoms: headaches, tired eyes, burning eyes, watering eyes, itching eyes, dry eyes, double vision, blurred vision, eye fatigue, eye strain, bloodshot eyes, sore eyes, irritated eyes, and eye pain

Reading Eye Chart

For Selecting the Proper Strength of reading glasses

  1. Print off this entire page with your Printer. The results may not be correct if you look directly at this chart from your computer monitor due to the size and resolution differences among computers.

  2. The reading chart below should be approximately 5 inches wide.

  3. To determine the strength of reading glasses you should order, place the following printed Reading Chart on your monitor and read it from a distance of about 14 incheswithout glasses. The first line you have difficulty reading has a lens strength to the right of it. When ordering reading glasses, select this strength.

Attention: Ready-to-wear non-prescription reading glasses are not intended to replace those prescribed by an eye doctor. Regular eye exams by a doctor is recommended to determine your vision needs and eye health status. This site is meant to help you determine if reading glasses would be usefull in your case.

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