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Computer Vision Reading Eye Glasses

Computer Vision Symptoms: headaches, tired eyes, burning eyes, watering eyes, itching eyes, dry eyes, double vision, blurred vision, eye fatigue, eye strain, bloodshot eyes, sore eyes, irritated eyes, and eye pain


Resource Sites

The websites provided below are for additional information on Computer Vision Syndrome.

For those websites that would like to exchange a link and be included on this page, please feel free to contact us online.

  1. – Information about CVS including causes and remedies.
  2. – Provides diagnostic tools to optometrists and correctional lenses to consumers for the diagnosis and treatment of Computer Vision Syndrome. Offers testimonials, press releases, FAQ and contact information.
  3. – California company providing information on seminars offered to computer users on ergonomic issues, such as repetitive strain injuries and computer vision syndrome.
  4. – Information about eye disease, vision problems, computer vision syndrome, glasses, contact lenses, and LASIK refractive. Located in Port Hueneme, CA.
  5. -Firm providing resources for vision testing, diagnosis and treatment. Eye testing software available for download



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