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Sunglass Readers

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Computer Vision Reading Eye Glasses

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Sunglass Readers

If you like to read while in the sun, a practice that is not recommended, besure to protect your eye by wearing special tinted sunglass readers.

The problem is that sunlight contains harmful rays that can damage the eyes. When reading in the sun the eye is not only getting a full dose of direct rays, but rays reflecting off the reading matter as well.

Not only is it recommended that a wide brimmed hat be worn but good quality sunglasses as well, and hold the reading matter in a fashion that reflects the least amount of sunlight into the eyes.

With sunglasses you normally get what you pay for as long as the money is paying for quality lenses and not just a stylish frame. The best color of lens would be a dark grey or green, and the lenses should be ground and polished and distortion free. They must absorb all of the harmful ultra violet and infra-red rays or your eyes will not be adequately protected.

Cheap sunglasses that do not protect the eyes from these harmful rays in fact will do more harm than good because the tint in the lens will cause the pupils to dilate and allow even more of the harmful rays to enter the eye than if no sunglasses at all were used. Also cheap lenses may be full of distortion and cause eye strain headaches.

The problem with not using any sunglasses is that the overexposure to bright light exhausts the eye and makes us sleepy when driving and also makes it more difficult than usual to see at night.

Long term exposure to these harmful rays can cause growths to form on the white of the eyes that is not covered by the lids as well as contribute to the early formation of cataracts.

So if you must read in the sun, be sure you protect your eyes by using good quality sunglass readers.

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