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Computer Glasses Buying Guide – Top 5 Choices for 2018

As electronics became the biggest necessity in our business and personal lives, our eyes became more exposed to the stress. Even when we’re done with the working hours, we stare into our phones and tablets, leaving our eyes very little time to recover.

Since almost all professions require interaction with computers, the only thing left to be done is to get some kind of protection. Luckily, this problem was already tackled and improved over time in the form of computer glasses.

What attributes such glasses should pose and which are the best ones, find out in the follow-up.

Who needs computer glasses?

Clearly, a lot of people are aware of the effects of screens on eyes, but when exactly is the right time to wear them? Usually, when you notice the first symptoms is the right time to get a pair. First symptoms may include a headache, eye fatigue, neck pain and sensitivity to light.

Sometimes your eyes may be red or dry; you might even feel burning sensation in your eyes. These symptoms are the result of concentrating on a computer screen for an extensive period of time, and usually, it’s followed with improper posture.

This kind of problems is increased when you need to move your eyes between a couple of close distances. From the computer screen to your desk etc.

When do visual problems start appearing?

It’s not the same for everyone, but usually, people start suffering from visual problems between the ages of 35 and 45. The ability of the human eye to adapt to different distances diminishes from a certain age. The process, however, doesn’t happen overnight, it rather advances gradually.

The first sign of visual problems is that you can’t read the text from a paper clearly from a close distance. Many people suffer from this condition, and usually, they pick up a pair of reading glasses to cope with the problem.

Looking at the screens gets way harder as well. You might catch yourself increasing the font in Word and having trouble to distinguish characters in Excel. The text you read on your phone will be the hardest to read. You might find yourself wearing reading glasses more than you would like to.

Types of computer glasses

What makes computer glasses different from the standard reading glasses is that they need to provide much more than just clear sight. They are also adapted to the particular distance you need. Distance varies greatly from one person to the other, and it’s great that you can choose a pair which suits your needs.

Of course, reading glasses may be a good temporary solution, since they are made for close distances only. This is bad for a couple of reasons, first being that you need to move closer to the screen which will worsen your posture and further negatively impact your eyes.

By getting closer to the screen, you will certainly have pain in your neck and the back. Not even a fancy chair can help in this case, because you will need to move closer to see the text properly.

Next solution might be varifocals. They can be worn throughout the day for clear vision at all distances. They are very suitable for most of the situations, but not for extensive computer work. These glasses have lenses that are made of two parts – upper part is for far, and the lower is for near vision.

So, in order to see the text on the screen, you have to look through the bottom half of the lens, which will make you lift your head way up and worsen your posture, which then leads to back and neck problems.

All these deficiencies are exactly the reason why computer glasses exist. The lenses are made precisely to follow your natural movement at a working desk, and they can be greatly personalized. They provide a big field of view and are great at close and medium distances.

They help you remain in the correct posture and eliminate the strain on your neck and your back. They are divided into 3 types based on the environment you want to use them.

  1. Book lens type – Glasses with this type of lens grant greater focus on the range of a book, up to 3ft. They are superior to reading glasses because they offer the much larger field of view.
  2. Desk lens type – These lenses grant clear vision at 6 ½ feet. They are suitable for reading and medium ranges at a working desk. They are a good choice for people who want to use them when working on a computer and when they read a book.
  3. Room lens type – The maximum distance of these lenses is 13ft. They grant a clear vision from reading range up to a standard room distance. These are a good choice for people who work at a computer desk and interact with customers, for example.

To choose the best type for you, it would be a good idea to consult with an eye care professional.

Blue light protection

Blue light radiation is known for its dangerous effects. Now more than ever we are exposed to blue light due to the screens we stare at throughout the day. Some people even find it very irritating. If you think you’re of these people, you should look for the computer glasses with blue light protection.

There are several different models available with a blue light filter on their lenses.

In which environment can you use them?

Even though computer glasses are mainly meant to be used in the office environment, you can easily use them at home. They are suitable for any task that requires you to focus your eyes on close to medium ranges.

You can use them to watch TV, read a book, surf the internet, etc.

An important point to remember when buying

Make sure you consult with optician before you buy a pair of computer glasses. He will have the best-personalized tips for you, which type of lens should you get, and how exactly should you use them. Sure, you can just pick them on your own, but having some extra info is always welcome.

Recommended pieces

Now that we concluded what exactly do computer glasses do take a look at some of the finest examples that may be found today.

J+S Vision Blue Light Shield

J+S is one of the US’ top brands. This particular pair is made to protect you from the harmful rays of the LED screens. They feature a modern design with a black frame that gives them quite an elegant look. They have 0.0 magnification and are specially designed for people that look at the computer screen for a long time.

They are designed to fit both sexes, and the lenses are high-definition ones. The temples are supported with springs so they can fit anyone without issues. The nose pads are comfortable, and of top quality, they don’t leave nose marks even after prolonged use.

The lenses are slightly yellow tinted, so they can block all harmful rays. They are lightweight and durable, the lenses are clear and make the reading on the screens much easier. They block up to 90% of high energy blue light, but also let through 70% of low energy blue light, so the colors don’t get distorted.

Along with all the good traits, they are also very affordable, for a price just around $25 the investment is minimal and the health benefits are great.


  • High-quality lenses that block 90% of harmful rays and don’t distort the colors
  • They can be worn by both sexes, and they can fit anyone due to the springs on the temples
  • They provide you with a clear vision and make reading a lot easier
  • Very lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Warranty


  • For some, this is a con, and for some, it’s a great pro – they have zero magnification

TRUST OPTICS FeatherView Classic Style

A very stylish glasses from Trust Optics, meant mainly for gaming, and other extensive looking at the screen. The design is classic and sleek, with their ergonomic and extremely lightweight polycarbonate frame.

They are non-polarized computer glasses with plastic lenses. The lenses have blue light protection with BlueGuard technology. The lenses block the blue light from reaching your eyes and reduce the chance for headaches, dry eyes, insomnia, fatigue, stress, etc.

The lenses also have UV400 protection from the sunlight, and they reduce the glare. The frame although very lightweight is super durable. It’s very resistant to impact, which keeps the lenses safe from breaking upon accidental drops.

The ergonomic shape of the frame lets you use them for a long time without irritation or tiredness. They are suitable both for day and night time use. They are excellent for office and home use. They offer both protection and a fashionable look.

These lenses have magnification for close viewing, but you can choose the ones without magnification as well. At the same time, they let you have a clear close vision, and they reduce the eye strain while looking in the distance. This is great if you have minor farsightedness.

The price is pretty competitive, and the glasses come with a 90-day money back guarantee, which is always good to have. They come in the package with carrying case and cleaning cloth.


  • Ergonomic and lightweight frame
  • Full blue light protection
  • Anti-glare lenses
  • Sunlight protection
  • They come with magnification and without it
  • Impact resistant
  • Good price


  • The frame is so thin; it seems a bit flimsy


Another classic is looking stylish pair of computer glasses in the lower price spectrum that has UV and blue light protection. The frame is made of plastic, lenses as well. They help greatly in alleviating the eye fatigue from working on a computer or gaming for a long time.

The lenses have UV400 protection and glare reduction. They feel like you don’t wear them at all, due to the ultra-lightweight and flexible nylon frame. The frame is made in a way so that glasses feel comfortable and they have the necessary durability for long use.

They come in a lot of magnification options, from 0.0 to 2.50. So whatever magnification you need, you can get it. Even those who don’t need magnification at all can choose the right option for them.

The lenses are slightly yellow tinted to adjust the strong blue light to be less impactful to your eyes. They are suitable for computer monitors, tablets, and phones. Your eyes won’t be dry, the headaches will be gone, and you won’t suffer from blurred vision.

Along with the glasses the package includes carrying case and cleaning cloth. As for the warranty, you receive a 90-day money back guarantee, so you can ask for a refund in that period if anything is wrong with the glasses.


  • Stylish look suitable for anyone
  • Extremely lightweight frame for comfortable wearing
  • Lenses have both blue light and UV protection
  • They come with a variety of magnifying options
  • Included carrying case and cleaning cloth
  • Warranty
  • Good price


  • Like other lightweight glasses, these as well feel quite flimsy

Cyxus Blue Light Filter Computer Glasses

Cyxus is a brand dedicated to quality glasses, and this pair is their latest model meant for people who spend a lot of time in front of the computer.  They are made for men and women who suffer from eyestrain.

The lens is transparent, and it blocks both UV and harmful blue light. It doesn’t distort the colors, and it doesn’t add any pigment, the transparent lens is a great advantage. The glasses will prevent your eyes from getting tired so quickly; they will surely minimize the headaches caused by LED screens, and their reduction of blue light will help you sleep much better than before.

The lenses block 90% of the harmful blue light that is emitted by screens. The stylish frame fits anyone and any clothing combination. And they come with a quite large package. The package includes the glasses, carrying case, cleaning cloth and the blue light testing card with a small blue light flashlight.

The brand is so confident in their blue light blocking technology that it sends the blue light testing kit with each pair of glasses. Along with that, they come with a lifetime warranty. That’s really amazing, it means you will only need one pair of glasses for life, and the price is amongst the best.


  • Clear lenses are a great advantage, they don’t have any color tint, and they don’t distort the colors
  • The stylish classic looking frame that is suitable for any environment and it looks good both on men and women
  • The lenses block 90% of harmful blue light
  • They significantly reduce the eyestrain
  • They help you have a better sleep
  • The blue light test included
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Good price


  • The legs might be too small for some people

Success Eyewear Computer Glasses 2 Pairs

You could say the best is left for the last since this offer is over the top. The Success Eyewear band put together 2 pairs in one package, and the best thing is that you can choose from black to clear frame. If you and your friend or partner both need a pair of computer glasses, you can get them for a very low price.

They are designed to fit men and women alike. And they don’t drift too far from the standard classic look that we all like to see. You can also choose between different magnifying lenses, up to 3.5x! With their simplicity, they offer great performance. Both frame and lens are made of plastic, and they are not polarized.

The lenses block the harmful blue light and reduce the glare. They significantly alleviate the fatigue and discomfort caused by LED screens. The hinges have springs, and the frame is quite durable. The lenses are clear, but they might come with a yellow tint as well, to get the exactly the type of lens you like, contact the supplier.

But, it would be good if we had the option to order 2 pairs of clear frames, that option would be awesome.


  • Great value for the money, 2 pairs for the price of one
  • Good stylish look
  • They come in two types of frames
  • Clear and yellow tinted lenses
  • There’s a lot of magnification strengths to choose from
  • Blue light and glare protection


  • They need a third option for 2 pairs of clear frames

In conclusion

Computer glasses are so widely used and produced today that they make a very small investment with a lot greater benefits. Working days become much less tiresome and using the computer becomes much more comfortable. To say that all of these 5 examples are good wouldn’t be a lie, but the Success Eyewear Computer Glasses have the best offer to date.