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Are you one of those people who have trouble falling asleep after watching TV, using an e-reader or doing some last minute work on your laptop? If so, there is a high chance that your problem is caused by the blue light emitted from these devices.


I’ve always loved reading a book before sleep but ever since I’ve switched to an e-reader I noticed that my eyes are more irritated and dry. I’ve also had problem falling asleep. That’s when I’ve decided to do a research and found out more about the artificial blue light exposure.


Excessive blue light exposure from artificial sources has become a raising health concern in the past few years. Various studies have already associated blue light with different medical conditions, most importantly problems with sleeping and vision.


Thankfully, there are various ways to prevent this exposure like avoiding use of electronic devices before sleep, using warmer indoor lighting, installing applications that filter blue light etc. However, I still think that good old blue light blocking glasses are a great way to prevent problems caused by artificial blue light exposure.


There are various blue light blocking glasses available on the market, but I think that Eyekepper blue light blocking glasses are one of the best. If you want to find out more about and what to consider when buying blue light blocking glasses, please read on.


What are blue light blocking glasses?



Blue light blocking glasses are glasses that are specially designed to block some or most of the blue light rays emitted from artificial sources like smartphones, tablets, computers, tv, e-readers etc. They can also block blue light emitted from the sun, but sun’s blue light is actually important for our normal functioning.


Blue light blocking glasses are meant to be worn during night time, when the sun starts to set. However, they can also be used during the day, especially if you spend most of your day looking at screen.


Why is it important to block blue light during the night?




The main and biggest source of blue light is the sun. However, sun’s blue light rays are actually important for normal functioning of our body. It controls circadian rhythm, our natural cycle of wake and sleep. Sun’s blue light signals our brain during the day that we should be awake. It also raises our alertness, memory and cognitive functions, mood etc.


When the sun goes down, in ideal situation when there is no artificial light, the absence of blue light will raise the level of melatonin – the sleep hormone. This way our brain and body knows that we should sleep and rest during the night.


However, we live in a modern age where blue light is present even during the night because of various artificial sources like light bulbs and electronic devices with screens. Artificial blue light suppresses melatonin secretion in the night, resulting in a short-term sleep disorder and change of circadian rhythm. It can also cause more severe health problems long term.


Blue light also contributes to digital eye strain by changing the contrast and enhancing glare while looking at screen.

What to consider when buying blue light blocking glasses?



There are several things to consider before buying blue light blocking glasses.


Many people think that blue light glasses look exactly the same as when they were announced in 1980s – bulky, unattractive with orange lenses. Thankfully, raising health concern about artificial blue light exposure has not only made blue light blocking glasses popular again but also inspired many manufacturers to change the design of these glasses.

         Level of protection

There are no blue light blocking glasses that can block 100% of blue light. They usually filter just one part of the blue light spectrum or a certain percentage of total blue light rays that are emitted by the source.


The level of protection that blue blocking glasses provide can be recognized by the lens color. Glasses with yellow and amber tinted lenses filter less blue light, while the ones with orange lenses block higher percentage of blue light.


There are some pretty cheap but nice looking blue light blocking glasses that filter 98% of blue light rays emitted from artificial sources. So, blue light blocking glasses don’t have to be expensive to be effective.

         Additional features

All blue light blocking glasses have ability to filter blue light emitted from different sources. However, they can also have some additional features like anti-glare coating for prevention of digital eye strain, UV protection etc.


Most blue light blocking glasses have lenses made of plastic, so they smudge more easily than the ones made of glass.


Frame can be made from different materials like metal, plastic, wood. There are various options available and I’m sure that you’re going to find the right pair for you.



Eyekepper Readers Anti-UV, Anti-Glare,Anti-Blue Rays, Computer Reading Glasses (Tortoiseshell, Yellow Tinted Lenses) +0.0


These glasses made by Eyekepper claim that it will provide maximum protection with patented, multi-layered coating designed specifically to reflect blue light, reduce glare and relieve long term eye strain caused by excessive use of electronic devices. All of this is achieved while having modern design and comfortable fit with unparalleled durability. The package includes one pair of glasses, hard zip case and one clearing soft cloth.


These glasses are great choice for those who spend lots of time using electronic devices, whether it’s because of their work or because of late night Netflix session. However, because they are blocking around 30% of blue light, if you’re looking for glasses that have higher protection, maybe you should look for another product.



  • They are great value for money


  • Stylish frame that is comfortable and feels light but durable. It also comes in various different colors.


  • They can be bought with or without magnification


  • The lenses don’t distort the view


  • Provide excellent protection from digital eye strain


  • They have anti-glare coating



  • The lenses are made of plastic so they smudge easily.


  • They block only 30% of blue lights, so you should consider some other glasses if you’re looking for maximum protection.



Features and benefits


The frame of these glasses is stylish and looks sturdy and durable, even though it is made of plastic. They also feel really light on your head when you wear them. Many people will appreciate this, especially if they plan to wear them most of the time at the office and before sleep.


Because these glasses have unisex design, both men and women can wear them. Unfortunately, there is only one design available but I do think that most people will like it because they have classic, usual style.


The plastic lenses have yellowish tint that is not distracting like on the other glasses. They have patented, multi-layered design that reduces glare, reflects blue light and relieve digital eye strain caused by the excessive usage of electronic devices.


The manufacturer claims that they block around 30% of blue light. It might not seem much but this protection along with anti-glare coating will provide great eye strain relief. However, I’m not sure if they’re going to improve your sleep significantly.


The only problem I’ve had with these lenses is that they smudge easily. Thankfully, there is a cloth included that will clean your smudges quickly. There is also a case included so if you’re afraid you’re going to scratch or break them, you can use the case.


The manufacturer has included a coating on top of lenses that will prevent scratching. I’ve been using them for some time and I didn’t notice any significant scratches. However, you should know that this coating will not last forever and when it comes off they will scratch more easily since they are made of plastic.




If you don’t like the design of Eyekepper glasses or want more protection from blue light, you can also check these great alternatives:



If you like the design of Eyekepper but want more protection, maybe you should consider getting these glasses. They have similar style but better protection. However, because of higher protection, the lens color might be too orange and dark to use during the day. That’s why I think they’re maybe more suitable for evening wear.



If you want biggest possible protection from blue light and don’t mind how they look, Uvex Skyper is a good alternative. They filter more around 98% of blue light and are specially designed to block light coming from sides too.




I’ve tried various products in different price ranges but I think that these blue light blocking glasses by Eyekepper have the best value for money.


They are stylish, light but durable and have both blue light and UV protection that will provide digital eye strain relief. Because of their low blue light protection, I’m not sure if they can improve sleep and maintain normal circadian rhythm. They are great for day use and I think you should consider getting another pair with higher protection like Swannies or Uvex for night time.


I hope that with this text you’ve learned more about blue light blocking glasses as well as what to consider when buying a pair.